Printing Instructions

All products in this store are digital and require printing. A physical product will not be shipped.

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How to Download Your Printable:

Planner / journal printables and worksheets can be printed on US letter and A4 paper. 

Once you receive your downloadable pdf file open on a laptop or desktop computer so you can easily print. 

To open your pdf file use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. If you need to install download here.


How To Print Stickers:

Printable stickers are to be printed on sticker paper so you can easily cut out your stickers and use. Use scissors, a safety cutter or a sticker cutting tool.

Printable Greeting Cards & Wall Art:

Important: When printing greeting cards or wall art make sure your printer settings are set at 'actual size' (not 'fit'). This will ensure you get the correct size when printing.

For best quality results print on white cardstock paper.

For printable greeting cards: To cut your printable card to size I highly recommend using a multi-purpose paper trimmer, which is also perfect for many other DIY and school projects.

If you wish to use an envelope for your printable cards you can pick up 4x6 brown craft paper envelopes here or you can print your own 4x6 envelope templates here.